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March Meet the Maker 2024

Well it's #marchmeetthemaker time. I am not going to follow the planner to the T because then I never finish. 😂

MMM is an Instagram challenge that gives makers a chance to show how they run their handmade business and make their art. See the method to my madness.

🌸 I do have a collection of handmade needle felted gnomes waiting for homes on my website

🌸I have been messing around with more dolls recently. They are super fun to make, but they are labour intensive. Attention to detail is really important to me, but can cause OCD on certain attributes of the face. 😆

🌸I also have other spring gnomes that have been waiting in the shop from last year. These guys are great for spring and Easter displays along as being great gifts for Mother's Day.

🐇Come have a look and sign up for my Gnome Army and Instagram account🐇

🇵🇸Free Palestine, Ceasefire now🇵🇸


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