Custom Gnomes, Just For You

Everyone has a gnome inside waiting to get out.

I LOVE making custom orders.  I must admit, that most people have a tomten inside waiting to be realised into a felted representation.  I have managed to deliver a great many custom gnomes to customers willing to let me in their creative heads.  It can be difficult to create a gnome from someone else's mind, but I constantly keep the customer updated on my progress with pictures and detailed communication.  I will make as many gnomes as needed to design the perfect tomte for you.  I have written a little guide about how to order a custom gnome.   


Custom Gnome Gallery

Guide for Ordering a Custom Gnome

Interested in ordering a custom gnome but don't know where to start?  Below is a guide on how to order your custom gnome.  It walks you through size, theme and process of making your custom gnome.


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