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How to order a Custom Gnome

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I love making gnomes. I love making custom gnomes even more. Here is the opportunity to participate in the creation of your very own special gnome in my unique style. I treat every custom gnome as my very own and because of that, please make sure that I can easily contact you through a messaging system or email. I send photographs of every step to make sure you are happy with your gnome.

A custom gnome for your home can take about a week to make because of the communication and planning involved.

I hope that this post will help you to feel more confident about what to expect when you order a custom gnome..

I have three different listings for Custom Gnomes.

  • Ornament- These gnome ornaments stand between 4-5 inches tall and around 3 inches at the base. They feature a string for hanging, and a small wood disk on the bottom so they can stand with your display.

  • 6 inch- These gnomes stand between 6-7 inches, 4-5 inches at the base. They include a wooden disk on the bottom for free standing.

  • 9 inch- These gnomes stand between 9-10 inches tall and around 6-7 inches at the base. They include a wooden disk on the bottom for free standing.


Information I need for your creation:

  • Hair Colour or Colours. Choose between white or ginger. Let me know any other colour combinations. (I usually stock ruby red; bright light blue; black; bright green; olive green; bright orange; hot pink.)

  • Colour theme and colour combinations. This is the area we will work on the most. The most helpful item I can get from you is a picture or a theme/colour palette (Pinterest is extremely helpful). However, a list of colours or themes also works.

The most common themes include:



Orange and Teal


  • Hat brim style. Many times the style of the hat is formed by the gnome itself. The gnome chooses in other words. However, there is room for coaxing a hat style.

Examples of hat brim styles:


Witch Brimmed


Messy wet felted brim

And that's it.

Custom gnome listings can be found on my site.

Ornament size

6 inch

9 inch

You can also message me using Instagram, Facebook, email and my website.



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