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#marchmeetthemaker and two mini gnomes

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

For the past few years I have been taking part in a challenge called #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram. Every day during March, makers have a prompt and we answer it through a picture and a little blip about ourselves and our business.

Honestly, I hardly ever finish it, but if you have ever wondered about the lady behind the art, this would be a good way to learn.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @gnomesforyourhomes. It will also be posted here on the Gnomes For Your Homes webpage. If you are a Maker yourself, have a go at the challenge with me. It's fun to learn about other Makers.

Now you might also be wondering where all the gnomes are. I will tell you, they are waiting to be born. I have been working hard on custom gnomes so my shop is a bit sparse at the moment. Please be patient. If you just can't wait, don't hesitate to order something special with a Custom Gnome made just for you.

Here's a taste of what will be coming to the shop and some that have already made an appearance.

On the way:

Gnomes for your homes, Barry the Blue Titmouse gnome with blue, yellow, grey and black top hat
Barry the Blue Titmouse

Gnomes for your homes work in progress fibers for English Jay.  Shades of brown and blue, black and white.
English Jay

Gnomes for your homes work in progress for magpie gnome using sparkling blues, greens and purple.  Paired with black, white and grey mint, bamboo, and linen fibers.  White Targee wool and hand dyed Wensleydale locks.

In Shop Now (click on the picture to see listing):


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