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Woodland Wanderers and Sprouts

What Are These Fascinating Creations?

Sprouts are members of the Woodland Wanderer Clan. They nestle into the leaves and stones of the forest floor to sleep during the Winter. At the call of Imboc they begin to grow a sprout on their head. This is very exciting for the forest as this heralds the wakening of the Earth.


The Woodland Wanderers wander the forests like a shadow. They are classified as a gnome because of their large pointed hat and Earthy nature. But I would liken them to a forest spirit.


Both members of the Wanderer Clan have messy looking hats that mimic their forest surroundings. They have feet with toes for silent walking.


Wanderer Sprouts are squat with a bendy sprout on their head whereas the large Wanderer has a conical hat with a holey, wet felted brim.

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