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Made to Order And Custom Gnomes

Ever have the feeling that you missed out?  Here's your chance to order the gnome that called out to you, but was adopted before you could press the button.  I have chosen the most commonly requested custom gnome remakes to offer as MADE TO ORDER gnomes.

The Made to Order gnomes are made as they are ordered and the final gnome I will be as similar as I can to the original.  As such, I will send picture so the finished gnome before it is sent out, much like I do with custom gnomes.  You also get a chance to order your gnome with a full face or with just a nose at no extra cost.

Because of the made to order nature of the gnomes, please allow up to two weeks for dispatch.  As always, if you don't see your favourite gnome here, request a custom made gnome.  

What is the Difference between a Made to Order and A Custom Gnome?

A Made to Order gnome is a gnome that is popular among people who order custom gnomes.  I therefore have extra hat blends laying around and I don't need much imput from the buyer.

A Custom Gnome is a gnome designed by you.  You have full control over the colours and shape of the gnome.  It's a gnome I have never made before.

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