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Spring into inspiration

I won't lie, I have been a bit lazy on the felting front lately. Going into the second half of Spring, I am bound to perk up. Here are two new gnomes that have been created to help bring in the Spring.

Sol of the Summer Field was the product of my involvement with the #marchmeetthemaker2019 instagram challenge. A couple of questions were about my inspiration and process of making my gnomes. I used Sol as the example for my process (you can see the post here.)

My process for the creation of Sol in pictures

The second addition to the Gnome Army is April Showers, who is a revisited version of Cherry Blossom from last year's "Garden" Collection.

I would call this a luxury gnome, if there was such a thing. His hat is a blend of merino, banana and soya fibers making him incredibly soft and shiny.

Please have a look at these little guys and see who else there is to adopt on my website: I have made the prices in American Dollars to make conversion easier for my American customers, however, these little guys travel to all countries and have free shipping to the UK.


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