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It's Spring, Thank Goodness, the gnomes are acting up.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

🍄The gnomes have been acting up. They have been inside for far too long. They have been up to their shenanigans and have broken the links in my shop. 🤦

So for now we will have to be in the Etsy Marketplace until I can fix the problems. The site is the same but it will take you to Etsy instead.

🍄I would like to offer you a 10% discount as the items are a little more expensive in Etsy. Please use MYGNOMIE 🍄


It's time for new gnomes. This year, to celebrate Spring, I introduce the Woodland Wanderer Sprout Gnome. These little gnomes are all about beginnings. These Woodland Sprouts hide amongst the leaves and rocks of the forest floor. They are waiting for the warmth of Spring. As soon as the temperature is right, they grow a sprout out of their rounded helmet shaped hat. This signals to the rest of the forest that it's time to come out.

These gnomes are completely different from the others. They are stout, rounded and more lightweight. The sprout is bendy and posable. They still feature the colourful blends of nature and have loads of bushy locks.

One of the best differences is that they have feet!! Being a part of the Woodland Wanderers, these guys needed feet and they got them.

As always, if you don't see your gnome please see my custom order listing.

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