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Christmas Time is Here

2020 is almost done and dusted (finally). This year, more people will be shopping online. This means, great stuff to buy and long shipping times.

I won't lie, international and national shipping times will be longer this year due to COVID and an increase in online shopping. If you are ordering from overseas, your order might not arrive before Christmas. If you are ordering from the UK, I would put in an order before December 11th.

I have been needling away on new gnomes, and typing fast to get them up for you to browse. But sometimes creation can take a little bit of inspiration and that's where your custom orders come in. If you know what you want but I don't have it, message me or go straight to the custom gnome listing. If a gnome that you have fallen in love with isn't in stock, I can make a sibling gnome for you.

I also have gift certificates for those fussy friends and Gnome of the Month options if you would like a surprise each month.

Don't forget to subscribe to the Gnome Army Newsletter to receive 20% off your next order until March 1st.


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