The Birds and the Bees, Flowers and the Trees.  The Gnomes of Spring 2019.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Two new collections have popped up for spring, Bird and Flower Inspired Gnomes For Your Homes. These gnomes can be found in my shop at

The Bird Gnomes:

These gnomes have been inspired by the colours of the British Birds that have been hopping around my apple tree this Winter.

Roderik Robin:

Roderik is incredibly soft. I used a buff bamboo fiber as the base then blended on orange-red merino, dark brown alpaca and red firestar for sparkle.

Timothy Titmouse:

Timothy's hat is a blend of merino, Icelandic, BFL and Moorit Shetland wool, Tussah Silk with a little silver Angelina fibre in oatmeal, grey, deep green and olive.

Sylvester Sparrow:

Sylvester's hat is a blend of ash, chocolate, and tan merino; black bamboo; beige linen fibre; gold firestar for sparkle.

The Flower Gnomes:

These felted gnomes were inspired by all the early bulb flowers that start rearing their heads at the end of winter.

Toren Tulip:

Toren's hat is made from a blend of dark pink, orange, olive and yellow merino wool; yellow and red linen fibres; pink Angelina fibre for sparkle.

Jonquil Daffodil:

Jonquil's hat is made of merino wool; bamboo, Firestar and Angelina fibres in shades of yellow and green. He has been potted in a terracotta mini pot.

Cupid Carnation:

Cupid's hat made of soft merino in shades of pink, coral and red; silky pink bamboo and Angelina fibre. He has been potted in a terracotta mini pot.

Ivan Iris:

Ivan's hat is blended with different shades of blue merino, firestar and silk noils; and yellow blue faced Leicester locks.

Bartholomew Snowdrop:

Bartholomew's hat represents the coming of the Spring Snowdrops by combining bright green merino and soya fibre; white Blue Faced Leicester, rose fibre and Angelina fibre for sparkle.

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