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Olga of the Orchard, Gnome Witch
  • Olga of the Orchard is a part of my 2022 Gnome-Witch Halloween collection. This year the female witches have extended chins and herb brushes on their besom.  Olga was inspired by a wild apple orchard with the beautiful fruit against a dark green and purple landscape of trees and late summer purple blossoms.
  • Olga is a hanging ornament and is not free standing.
  • Olga's hand felted hat is a blend of mauve BFL, conifer green and amethyst purple merino, recycled sari silk in various colours, olive trilobal and gold Angelina fibre.  I decided to use a birch wood twig for the handle of the besom and a bouquet of mugwart and lavender brush.


  • Olga, Witch of the Orchard:
  • 7 inches tall from the tip of her hat to the bottom of her shoes.
  • She has little flesh coloured cheeks and nose under all those locks.
  • The besom is 4.5 inch in length, made of birch wood twig with dried lavender and mugwart brush.
  • The hat includes a wire for gentle posing. 
  • Her hair  made from hand dyed Blue Faced Leister locks that have been hand scoured by me using ecologically friendly and biodegradable soap.  The locks have been sourced from an ethical free-range sheep farm in the Cotswolds.


These adorable and whimsical gnome OOAK dolls and ornaments are hand felted. They are individually made from head to toe. The hats are created from wool, plant and sparkly fibres that are blended to create a unique fabric, no two are the same.  I make gnomes for year-round display, as gnomes aren’t just for Christmas.

Olga is perfect for your bookshelf and mantle or hanging in your window or Halloween tree.  
These gnomes make an incredible gift for your friends, family, or yourself.  

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Gnome Folklore:
There is various folklore surrounding Gnomes. They are usually portrayed as small magical beings that mostly live underground. They protect Mother Nature’s animals and precious gems and metals.

Nisse/tomte are thought to bring good luck and protect the homes, animals, farms, gardens, and people that treat them nicely. However, they may cause mischief to those that harm them. In Scandinavia, the nisse was said to deliver gifts to the door.

Olga of the Orchard, Gnome Witch