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New Style, New Year

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

There have been changes to the way my gnomes look. If you peel back the hat and hair you will see that these new gnomes have eyes, ears and rosey cheeks. Brumlin has been sitting for a while at the Gnomes For Your Homes site. After an easy facelift, he is almost a new gnome. If you want to see Brumlin getting a facelift. I made a short video. Video

Close up felted gnome face.
Face before hat and hair.

They are very exciting to make and eventually all gnomes who have been living unclaimed at Gnomes For Your Homes will be updated in this way. The faces give off so much personality to my already unique style of gnomes. I also see the faces as an upgrade to my skill, which I have needed for a while now.

Custom Sprout Gnome ©2022. Gnomes For Your Homes

Cheeky Cherry Blossom has also had a face-lift

Have a Happy New Years. Remember, if you don't see a gnome you like for adoption, have me make it for you.



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