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Summertime Gnome Inspirations and Gnomes in Shop Now

As Summer fast approaches, I thought I would put forward my Summer Inspirations for the Gnomes Of Summer here at Gnomes For Your Homes.

Inspiration in the Summertime brings some of the most colourful gnomes to my doorstep as garden flowers bloom and the whole world becomes green.

Check out Floyd for some bright pink fun:

No matter where you live, the Summertime brings the best sunrises and sunsets. The skies of Summer also create the biggest thunderstorms that may end in a lovely rainbow.

The colours of Summer are warm and alive. Let Gnomes For Your Homes bring the Summertime into your home all year round. Gnomes aren't just for Christmas. I would love to create a custom gnome for your little corner of sunshine that lasts the whole year.

Gilbert may have Christmas in his name, but he is the sunshine incarnate with his great golden glow. As he is an ornament, you can hang him in your window to remind you of the golden sun that will soon return.

As I begin the Summer themed gnomes, please have a look at the gnomes that are already in the shop waiting to be adopted.

Need more gnomes in your life?

Subscribe to my Instagram feed to see what I am working on and what is inspiring me. I regularly post my #wip on #wipwednsdays. Alternatively, have my shop in your pocket by downloading my WIX Spaces App for Android and iPhone. This app allows you real time updates of gnomes added to the shop, access to the shop and members only discounts, as well free flowing communication with yours truly. This app allows easy access to requesting custom gnomes and reserving gnomes you see on Instagram. Many shops are now using the WIX Spaces App for their shops.

Thank you for your support. Don't forget to leave a review of your gnome and my shop when you receive a gnome. You can leave reviews on my site, Google and Facebook. Reviews help my shop tremendously.


Particularly Summery Gnomes in shop now:

In Shop soon:


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