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Get A Jump Start On Your Christmas

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I have been waiting for a reason to decorate my house, and we are finally there. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here and they are the perfect excuse to decorate.

Gnomes For Your Homes is here to help. My hand felted gnomes make wonderful personal gifts and special decorations to liven up your holiday season. I am constantly creating this time of year, so why not subscribe to my Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep track of my works in progress (#WIP) and the inspirations behind them. Don't be shy to reserve a listing if you see a WIP you like. I try to post daily but I try to post for #motivationmonday or #meetthemakermonday, #WIPWednesday and #FinishedFridays

I am in full swing getting holiday ornaments on the site. I am always ready for custom ornament orders. This year I am creating some wonderful gnome witches that ride on broomsticks made by me using cornsilk from my own garden for the bristles. They also make great Kitchen witches for year round display.

Full size gnomes are starting to pop up with Christmas and seasonal themes.

And as always, custom gnome orders are available and now is a great time to get your orders in.

Don't forget to have a look at my Gnome Ornament Club to start a Gnome Army of your own.


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