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16 handmade felted gnomes of different sizes and colours.  Gnomes with different conical hats with white curly locks

Gnomes For Your Homes:

Gnomes For All Seasons

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Are you tired of giving boring gifts? Spice things up with Gnomes Your Homes! Our handmade gnome ornaments are the perfect way to add some whimsy to any room. Each gnome and forest Wanderling is crafted with care, starting with a wool base and hand-felted both inside and out. We use a variety fibers and textures to create a one-of-kind fabric, including sheep's wool, silks, plant fibers, and plenty of sparkle (because who doesn't love a bling?). Check our videos on Instagram to see the in action. Trust us, your friends and family will thank you the whimsy you have brought to their home!

I have handmade hundreds of gnomes and would love to make one for you.  Have a look in my shop or have me make you a custom gnome just for you.

What's New?

Made to order gnomes


Have you ever seen the gnome you love but by the time you get there it's gone?  I have taken the most requested gnomes and made them to Made To Order. You get a second chance at the gnome you wanted without going through the Custom Gnome process.

Maybe your gnome isn't one of the most popular.  NO problem.  Tell me the name of your favourite Gnome of the Past and I will make it.

What's the Difference?

A Made to Order gnome is a gnome that is popular among people who order custom gnomes.  I I know what to do and I don't need much input from the buyer.

A Custom Gnome is a gnome designed by you.  You have full control over the colours and shape of the gnome.  It's a gnome I have never made before.

Premade In Shop Now


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