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Gnomes For Your Homes: Gnomes For All Seasons

Gnomes make perfect gifts. Here at Gnomes For Your Homes, I make handmade gnome ornaments that are perfect for sitting or hanging on your shelf all year round.  Each gnome has been hand felted, inside and out, starting with a wool base.  I add white or hand dyed Wensleydale locks for his beard before adding a flesh-coloured Merino nose and cheeks.  More locks are added to make bushy, wild hair.  The pièce de résistance is the tall hat that I felt using hand carded and blended mixed fibres (such as super soft merino, tussah silk, baby llama, Ramie, Bamboo, Banana, Linen, Fire Star and Angelina (sparkly) fibres.   At the end, He gets feet and a wood disk so he can stand.  Voila, all done.  Each gnome is inspired by colours and textures that I come across in my life.  They are all very special.

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