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Aeron Amaryllis of the Winter Flowers

Aeron Amaryllis, Gnome of the Winter Flowers- Potted gnome

Believe it or not, but there are flowers in the winter. The trumpet shaped amaryllis is one of those. The word ”Amaryllis” is from the greek word "amarysso," meaning "to sparkle." This gnome lives up to the name.

Aeron's gnome hat is a blend of blush pink and soft grey merino, white rose fibres, baby pink tensel, pink soya silk, white faux cashmere, peach firestar and gold Angelina fibre for sparkle. The hat includes a wire for gentle posing.


Aeron Amaryllis of the Winter Flowers

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Under those locks is a nose and cheeks with little ears peeking out of his hat.

This is a unique gnome as he sits in a mini terracotta pot that is attached to a wood disk for sturdiness.