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Woodland Wanderers

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

2020 is bringing many new Gnomes to my orphanage. On the books to appear are the old

styled gnomes,

for all year 'round and more custom listing options. I am excited to introduce the Woodland Wanderer collection. These Wanderers are from the woods and have developed a keen ability for blending in with their environment. Wanderer Gnomes are messy and a bit tatty so they blend in with the leaves, bark and trees that they protect.

Their hats are tatty and worn so they look like leaves and they use moss as camouflage. Because they wander, these beautiful little gnomes sport toes that stick out from their shoes. It helps them stay close to the Earth and keeps them silent as the creep along the woodland's ground

This is Wilum the Woodland Wanderer. He is the first of this kind. The brim on his hat has been wet felted to look messy and worn. His toes are on full display through his old boots. Wilum doesn't mind though because he is a Woodland Wanderer. He is one with the Earth and forest floor.

It is going to be a wonderful year!


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