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Busy Start to Christmas Gnome Season

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Two handmade felted gnomes with long curly locks one female with white hat and one male with green and red hat
Yule Gnomes

After a sluggish year, November has ramped up especially for custom and made to order Christmas and holiday gnomes.

I am grateful to those who have put in the orders as it gets me excited to create.

Some new Wanderer Sprouts will be showing up soon in the Christmas and Yule spirit. I do tend to show more progress on my Instagram page. Keep up to date with Christmas and holiday gnomes being made there and get your reservations made before they are gone by going to my Linktree in the bio.

As usual, I have to put some deadlines in for international orders. I don't like sending out international orders for Christmas past December 10th. During the holiday season it can take longer than usual for gnomes to travel across the pond.

Here are some of the wonderful Christmas gnomes, nisse and sprouts I have been working on.

felted christmas gnome ornament with a green and red hat and moss with hand bells in hat
Custom Christmas Gnome Ornament

Gnome with red hat hand felted Christmas
Custom Aminita Mushroom Christmas Sprout
Hand felted Christmas gnome with red hat and steampunk gear.  Long white curly hair
Custom Steampunk Gnome
Hand felted Christmas gnome ornament with red and green pointed hat and white curly hair.
Custom Gnome Ornament


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