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Sullivan of the Seaside

This hand felted gnome is Sullivan of the Seaside, and is inspired by the crashing waves of summer holiday destinations.  I have blended different shades of aqua, super fine merino for the water and light blue firestar and Angelina fibre to capture the glittering of the sun’s reflection.  Sullivan’s hat is secured in a curling wave.  Sullivan of the Seaside  is free standing featuring a small wooden disk he sits upon.  Sullivan of the Seaside is perfect for your bookshelf or mantle and would make an incredible gift for your friends, family, or yourself.



  • Sullivan’s hat is a blend of different shades of aqua merino, light blue firestar and Angelina fibre.
  • Sullivan’s beard and hair is made from white Wensleydale  locks that have been hand scoured by me using ecologically friendly and biodegradable soap.  Care has been taken to use wool raised in the UK.