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Jeremy Jackdaw, Gnome of the Crow

Jeremy Jackdaw was inspired by the beautiful corvid species. Their attraction to shiny items made me think Steampunk and their shiny feathers in black, deep purples, and greys are drawn out in Jeremy's handmade top hat. The fibres used to make this top hat include merino, soy, silk and nettle set off by shiny firestar and sparkly Angelina fibre.

And under the locks are two bare toed feet.


Stands about 8 inches tall and 7 inches around the base including his bare feet.

He sports a handmade cog jewelry piece that is attached to his hat.

He sits on a 2.5 inch wooden disk to allow free standing.

He has little flesh coloured cheeks and nose under all those locks.

Jeremy Jackdaw, Gnome of the Crow