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Six Felted Dryer Ball Gnomes

Let these gnomes help out around the house.  This listing is for 6 felted, 4 inch diameter dryer balls (around 45 gm each), made to order, with random gnome faces.  These balls are handmade by me from start to finish using handspun Jacob wool and bits from past gnome hats.


These balls are made to order, please allow 1 week for them to be made.  The gnomes on the balls are random and feature the lock beard in the style of my felted gnomes.


Why Dryer Balls?


These 4 inch Woollen Dryer Ball Gnomes work by separating your clothes to get more air to them, cutting drying time. This tumbling also fluffs and softens laundry as well as reduces static and wrinkles.  The balls also help pull moisture out of your clothes further helping to decrease the drying time. The more, the better.  Many people add lavender oil to the balls to add a fragrance to their clothes.


Can these be used as toys for kids?

These balls are an excellent size for children to roll around and throw.  They are lightweight and soft making them great tools for toddlers to learn to catch and throw.


My gnome dryer balls are made using scrap yarn and wool roving allowing me to reuse wool left from my gnomes.

Six Felted Dryer Ball Gnomes