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Burnham of the Beachwoods

Burnham of the Beechwoods was inspired by my favourite tree, the beech. My beechwood hedges start showing signs of life in the spring, creating a beautiful blend of bright green and copper. Burnham features a wet felted, leaf shaped, messy brim. 



Burnham stands 8 inches tall but is only 5 inches around.

Burnham's hat is a blend of soft 21 micron merino fibres in bright greens, blended with natural moorit Shetland fibres, tussah silk in fawn and copper, natural linen fibre and lime green firestar.

His beard and hair is made from hand dyed Wensleydale locks that have been hand scoured and hand dyed by me using ecologically friendly and biodegradable soap.

Care has been taken to use wool raised in the UK.

Burnham of the Beachwoods