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Sylvie, Woodland Wanderer Sprout Gnome

Sylvie the Forest Dweller is the newest member of the Woodland Wanderer Clan. Sylvie is what the Wanderers call a Sprout. These Sprouts nestle into the leaves and stones of the forest floor to sleep during the Winter. At the call of Imboc they begin to grow a sprout on their head. This is very exciting for the forest as this heralds the wakening of the Earth. Throughout the year they will add to the sprout and become a full Woodland Wanderer.


Wanderer Sprouts have very unique features to the rest of their clan. They are squat, have little bare feet and, of course, the bendy sprout on their head.


These adorable and whimsical gnome OOAK dolls are hand felted. They are individually made from head to toe. The hats are created from wool, plant and sparkly synthetic fibres that are blended to create a unique fabric, no two are the same. I make gnomes for year-round display, as gnomes aren’t just for Christmas.



  • Sylvie is 4.5 inches from bottom of sprout to ground, 8 inches from top of the sprout to the floor.
  • He is 6.5 inches around the base including his feet.
  • He sits on a 2.5 inch wooden disk to allow for free standing.
  • His lovely hat is made from forest green and olive merino, purple and brown silk,  teal and olive trilobal, and iridescent Angelina fiber for sparkle.
  • His hair and beard are hand dyed in shades of ginger and brown Shearling Wensleydale and olive Morrit locks.

Sylvie, Woodland Wanderer Sprout Gnome