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Aenghus, Gnome of Love

Aenghus, Gnome of Love after the god Aenghus Og from Celtic folklore. I chose him for his correlation to Imbolc , love, poetry and youth.

For this one I was inspired by one of Aenghus's stories from Irish mythology. He dreamt about his true love. She happened to be the goddess Caer Ibormeith who shapeshifts into a swan every second Samhain. In order to marry her, and break the spell, he had to pick her out of a flock of over 150 other swans. He did. Hooray!

This is a very basic overview of the tale, but what a wonderful love story.

Aenghus, Gnome of Love


I took the softest fibres for this blend. Hand dyed rose seacell and rose fibres; soft green and olive bamboo; purple and pink silk; olive, lilac, and mink merino; a few hand dyed elderberry BFL locks, and the sparklies (iridescent and gold angelina and olive firestar).

He has beautiful blue eyes with glass pupils.