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Gnome Army Autumn News

It's about time I reach out to my favourite Gnomies to let you in on what's happening at Gnomes For Your Homes.

You may have noticed there haven't been many new gnomes added to the army lately. That's because I was burnt out. I got a creative block and was a little down about my sales. As the world seems to pile a little more weight to our lives each day, I didn't want to add that to my gnomes.

Yet, Autumn is always my inspiration time. For me, gnomes and the dark half of the year go hand in hand. Gnomes nurture the Earth. They lend a hand to the animals, plants and humans as the world winds down to sleep for the Winter. They even bring us gifts for the Solstice or Christmas (whichever you celebrate) for a little pick me up. They are there to comfort us.

I have begun to receive orders for custom gnomes. Phineas finally found a home and my Jeremy Jackdaw has flown the coup. It has given me a big punch of confidence.

I will be starting to post my #wipwednesdays again. If you see a Work In Process Wednesday (#wipwednesday) gnome you like, go a head and reserve it.

October Heads Up

The UK is going through some...stuff. The pound has dropped to the dollar (yea for my American customers) and there have been tons of strikes. These strikes include the mail, of course. These strikes include postal workers, distribution centres, trains, and other transport services. So here's what I advise. Don't wait until the last minute and get tracking so at least we know where the gnome is on his journey.

Thank You

Thank you to my Gnome Army members. Your support means the world to me, even getting to the end of my rambling email means a lot. If you would like to support me more, please join my Facebook or Instagram pages. Leave me feedback on Google, Facebook or on my page here.


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