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Hugo the Hummingbird Gnome, MADE TO ORDER

*This gnome is made to order and may differ slightly from the photo.


This hand felted ornament is Hugo the Hummingbird Kitchen Gnome. Hugo is one in a series of gnome ornaments inspired by the hummingbirds that flicker in the sunlight during the spring and summer. Hugo’s hat is a blend of light blue, soft green and white Tencel (nettle fibre); white firestar; bright pink silk noil; leaf green, teal, maroon, and soft blue merino.


Hugo the Hummingbird Kitchen Gnome /tomte/troll/elf doll is made for hanging in your kitchen window, from your bookshelf, mantle or Christmas Tree and would make an incredible gift for your friends, family, or yourself.




Hugo the Hummingbird Gnome, MADE TO ORDER